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Millennials are less concerned about the global economy today than they were in 2012 based on our latest CultureQ research results

And as their worries about the economy have decreased, their concerns about the environment have steadily increased. UK Millennials are nearly as concerned about world events as they are the economy.
USvUK Millennial Global Concerns

Decreasing concern about the global economy is coupled with an increase in optimism about national economies

In both the US and UK, Millennials are more optimistic than Gen Xers or Baby Boomers about their country’s economic prospects for 2014, with about 4 in ten believing it will improve. As we review our respondents hopes and fears for 2014, we’re hoping to gain more insight as to whether or not Millennials optimism is due to youthful naivety or a more positive outlook on the future overall.

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