Leadership Team

Any consultancy is only as good as its people. Whether we’re focused on Brand Purpose, Brand Citizenship, strategy or design, someone from our leadership team personally manages each program of work. And our longstanding, specialist partnerships add valuable expertise to each engagement as appropriate.

anne-bahr-thompson-1216Anne Bahr Thompson

Named Trust Across America 2018 Top Thought Leader in Trust, Anne inspires business leaders to use their brands as a motivating force for change. Through her pioneering model of Brand Citizenship she helps companies meaningfully engage with customers, employees, other stakeholders and the wider world. Anne brings knowledge and understanding from interacting with a lengthy list of the world’s most prestigious brands to every client engagement. Well-versed in and out of the boardroom, she unites purpose with brand development and business operations to enhance both a brand’s social impact and its financial value.

2018 Top Leader in Trust


Chris Lightfoot

Chris is focused on the social and cultural meaning of design, how it expresses strategy and how it fosters connections. With more than 30 years experience at global agencies working on some of the world’s most valuable brands, Chris is the founder of Whitestone International, Onesixtyfourth’s design partner. His creative authorship and quest for new ideas are central to his effective relationships with both clients and his design team. Years if experience have taught Chris that a brand is more than a marketing communications vehicle; it is a powerful engine for cultural change and business growth.

Becky Shawl

Becky manages the direct link between our clients, our work and our teams. She focuses on cultivating connections between people, on attention to detail, and on creating efficiencies that meet business objectives and promote effective collaboration. Becky’s deep understanding of how brand expression influences organizational processes and the way internal and external audiences think, feel and act lies at the heart of how she oversees each program of work and consistently delivers excellence to every client engagement.