Align brand development with a purpose that’s both credible and inspiring.

Purpose is the reason your business exists at the highest level. It frames the story of how a company impacts people through the products and services it offers, and how that creates both financial and social value.

Every business has a purpose. The most effective embody a company’s ethos, guide and benchmark behaviors and are broad enough to tie a social mission to your business strategy. Purpose sits at the intersection of three things: 1) the reason your business was created; 2) the things that matter most to your customers, employees and other stakeholders; and 3) the core competencies and values that drive business success today, as well as those that will shape it in the future.

Our approach to developing brand purpose is collaborative from the start and varies based on the size and scope of your business. Using a mix of management interviews, market research, audits, and/or workshops, we consider your heritage; the connections your customers, employees and other stakeholders are seeking; and the operating principles that drive your company’s decision making. Through this exploration, one or more potential purposes for your brand will emerge. Together we agree on criteria to evaluate the options, ensuring that the one chosen will be credible to your brand, business and marketplace.

Once we’ve crystallized your purpose, we can then map how you’re performing on the ME2WE continuum of Brand Citizenship and identify new initiatives and programs to deliver it. When bigger than your products and services, purpose opens up your brand to endless possibilities that strengthen brand pull.

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