Brand Citizenship® Activation & Engagement

Activate brand purpose and strengthen engagement

Leadership, brand loyalty and corporate citizenship unite under our proprietary, 5-step model of Brand Citizenship. Developed over three years of research with nearly 6000 people, Brand Citizenship begins with a ME-first orientation and stretches across a continuum, culminating in a WE orientation. It helps brands create pull through co-creation around shared purpose and meaning. And drives growth by aligning brand development with sustainability and social responsibility initiatives.

ME to WE Continuum3.001


Learn how you can track your brand’s performance on the attributes that define good Brand Citizenship with our Brand Citizenship Quotient®. To schedule a presentation or worksession or view the original CultureQ research that led to our model of Brand Citizenship contact us at [email protected] or call +1 917 704 7515 or +44 7811 364 301.