Brand Citizenship® Consulting

Our proprietary model of Brand Citizenship activates brand purpose

Businesses have traditionally looked to customers and employees to advocate for their brands. Today, the equation has flipped. More and more, customers and employees demand that brands advocate on their behalf, for the things that matter most to them.

Developed over three years of research with nearly 6000 people, our proprietary Brand Citizenship® model unites brand development and engagement with sustainability and social responsibility. Our five-step ME-to-WE continuum activates meaningful interaction with customers, employees and other stakeholders across touchpoints. And provides a holistic picture of how your brand can add financial value and societal impact.

Beginning with a meaningful brand purpose, our Brand Citizenship model guides and benchmarks both brand development and business operations. We work with you to clarify your purpose, ensuring it is genuine to your organization, category and marketplace. Then using our five step framework we identify initiatives that align your purpose with your value proposition, employee policies, operational practices and communications.

Implementing Brand Citizenship’s five-step ME-to-WE continuum is not an all or nothing proposition. Nor is it something that you can achieve overnight. It is a journey that takes courage, patience and experimentation. Understanding this and the process of organizational transformation, we’ll guide you to develop a roadmap to realistically get there – internally and externally. Our Brand Citizenship Quotient®  tracks your brand performance over time, and aids you in assessing the effectiveness of initiatives and programs. When you activate purpose with Brand Citizenship, you enhance engagement, grow loyalty, and strengthen reputation management.

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