Brand Citizenship turns purpose into action.

Businesses have traditionally looked to customers and employees to advocate for their brands. Today, the equation has flipped. Customers, employees, investors and other stakeholders all demand that brands advocate on their behalf, for social good and sustaining our planet. Those that don’t, risk becoming irrelevant or even obsolete.Developed over three years of research with nearly 6000 people, our proprietary Brand Citizenship model helps turn purpose into action across brand development, strategy, and culture. And offers an effective way to strengthen ESG performance. Whether we’re auditing your current performance, innovating new programs to engage stakeholders and grow social impact, or developing a roadmap to integrate sustainability across your organization, the five-step ME2WE continuum provides a holistic picture of how to grow social impact while enhancing financial value.

Implementing Brand Citizenship is not an all or nothing proposition. Nor is it something to be achieved overnight or that you will get right every time. It is a journey that takes courage, patience and experimentation. Brands that are clear about how they advance society, that integrate sincere practices into their marketing and operations, and that turn ethics into results exemplify good Brand Citizenship. And are touted as leaders.

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