Brand Citizenship® activates Purpose and strengthens Brand Pull.

Onesixtyfourth is a strategic consultancy. We integrate cultural shifts
and a social conscience into brand development to help businesses
align purpose and profit.

Purposeful brands grow influence, engagement and value
with customers, employees and other stakeholders.

Our proprietary model of Brand Citizenship® was developed over 3 three years of research with more than 6000 people. It helps identify Brand Purpose and align brand development with corporate social responsibility and sustainability initiatives. Our partnership with Brand Finance® enables us to measure the financial, as well as social, value of brands.


We’re a collective of strategists, researchers, creatives and producers.
United by the desire to help the businesses we work with more
meaningfully connect with customers, employees and stakeholders.
Meet our leadership team.


The story behind our name

Horus the great Falcon had a mortal enemy. Evil Seth tore out his eye, and ripped it apart. One skirmish in a life-long battle. But Thoth the healer had confidence.

Knowing that Horus was still strong he set out to remake his eye.

Thoth measured the fragments, and each was a fraction of the eye: a half, a quarter, an eighth… And when Horus’ eye was back together, the fractions again added up. But to just 63/64ths.

Why so?

The final piece of the puzzle was one that couldn’t be measured. It was Thoth’s inspiration. His ingenuity. His vision. It’s an Egyptian story, with a modern moral. To understand, to succeed, there are lots of things you need to measure. Things to take apart. But when you put them back together, you need to leave a little room.

Room for something you can’t predict: inspiration, ingenuity, vision. Room for something that will move people.

Onesixtyfourth that makes the whole complete.

Internship Opportunities Onesixtyfourth wouldn’t be what it is without its interns. They help to keep our CultureQ Millennial project alive, contribute new approaches to our work and write their own posts for Perspectives {OURBLOG}. We have three types of internships available - Trend Analysts, Design Interns and Social Media Managers - although many of our interns have talents that run across categories.

If you’re interested in working with us or would like more details about our internship positions, please contact [email protected].