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It’s fair to say that any consultancy is only as good as its people.  Our partners personally manage every aspect of each client relationship. And, our support staff and longstanding specialist partnerships bring expertise to each engagement as appropriate.


Anne Bahr ThompsonAnne Bahr Thompson

Anne sees the world differently and synthesizes seemingly discrete things in new ways that make for a greater, more successful whole. As a natural problem-solver who focuses on opportunities for progress, she is most energized helping brands transform their relationships with consumers, stakeholders, the marketplace and the wider world.  Well-versed inside and outside of the boardroom, she unites brand development with business objectives to enhance a brand’s financial and social value. Continue Reading

Tricia Heywood

Tricia  is passionate about finding out what motivates people to engage with brands, both internally and externally. She’s conducted qualitative and quantitative research programs with a focus on using research to help drive branding and communications strategies. Her strength is identifying commonalities and differences from the data and then weaving it into a story that informs the business proposition and brand strategy. Continue Reading