Brands play a major role in our cultural evolution. They are unifying platforms for business operations and policies. So an understanding of how people’s relationships with them are shifting and foresight into their expectations for brands is essential.

CultureQ is not confined to formal research structures and methodologies. It began as a client project focused on Millennials in 2007 and became a proprietary research program in Fall 2011It synthesizes our on-going dialogues with Millennials with exploratory qualitative research, quantitative studies among Xers, Yers and Boomers, and real life observation. The constant comparative process, iterative analysis and inductive reasoning provide more thorough insight into people’s interactions with brands and the underlying drivers that build them.

CultureQ research is easily customized for individual brands and industries.  Bespoke programs balance traditional quantitative techniques with creative (and sometimes unconventional) qualitative approaches to identify initiatives that meaningfully engage audiences, innovate and enhance brand reputation. Insight provides the perfect springboard for working sessions that encourage brands to be bold in their aspirations and challenge category truisms.

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