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Millennials are more optimistic about our economic future

  Millennials are less concerned about the global economy today than they were in 2012 based on our latest CultureQ research results And as their worries about the economy have decreased, their concerns about the environment have steadily increased. UK Millennials are nearly as concerned about world events as they are the economy. Decreasing concern […]

Are Millennials more trusting?

With so many headlines focusing on privacy concerns, last week we decided to ask CultureQ participants what they thought. And, here’s the overview of what we learned: •Overall, Millennials are either more trusting or just less concerned about privacy issues than Xers and Boomers; •Facebook is of greater concern to Millennials and Boomers than Google; […]

3-2-1…Make a difference

The conversation about brands doing good is become more and more mainstream. And, as it is, more and more of our CultureQ respondents are telling us that businesses soon will no longer have a choice but to participate. But, how do you start? It’s a big world out there. What can your brand be doing […]

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